Promoter Analysis Tools

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Welcome to Promoter Analysis Tools (PAtools). This site offers a computational environment to analyze promoter regions, generate consensus to polymerase binding sites, and predict putative DNA-promoters in sequences upstream genes of bacterial genomes. We take, as a model, the E.coli K12 genome to make our predictions, it is supported on the wide conservation of sigma70 factors among bacterial genomes. However, we will offer the tool "Make Matrices" to create ad-hoc sensors for any given genome as long as the user provides a set of known promoter for that genome.

Escherichia coli K12 predictions

The analysis of the known E.coli K12 polymerase binding sites and the method to predict new promoter sites is showed in the following chart.


Promoter Predictions in Other Genomes. Technical Report

Based on our analysis of primary sigmas in other genomes, we selected a set of genomes which showed a pattern of abundance of promoter-like signal similar to that of E. coli K12. The strategy to predict promoters in those genomes is showed in the following chart.